Busting the myths around playing champ while you are a fresher.

By: Akshay Shukla (@_akshay_shukla )

Higher education? Check! Final year research report? Check! That I-don’t-know-why-but-this-will-look-good-on-my-resume internship for a month? Check!

Few days later:

Interview? Check! References? Check! Offer letter? Check!

Finally the day arrives when you start your professional career. You are all set to join the force with all guns blazing. You are visualising inside your mind how you are going to make that lasting impression on your boss & colleagues. You have already come across “10 things to keep in mind on your first day at job”, “It was his first day at the office and what he did will blow your mind” & “8 things people with lovely bosses will relate with” articles.

Well, you will be able to validate these suggestions in a very short period of time.

However, there are some points that will contradict your opinion on how to play champ as a fresher. Have a look at some of those points.

  • This might come as a surprise to you but you should never try to become a favorite of a single person (even if they happen to be your boss). They might defend you in many adverse situations but hey, things do not stay the same. What if that one person gets highly pissed at you? Gaining someone’s favoritism also brings jealousy or _____ (fill in the blanks) from others. Rather try to be in the good books of every single person irrespective of their teams and designations. You never know when someone will discover your thumbscrew.
  • It’s good to be honest with yourself but don’t be overt about it. While discussing your problem areas with your boss, make them seem like a “window for improvement” and not some “weakness” that you are facing. On the other hand, if someone else brings it up, take it with an open mind.
  • Never ever say, do, or showcase something which makes you seem comparatively better than your peers. Even under the situations when you are the only one who knows the answer to a question, remain silent and join the gang by acting similar like them. In case you can’t hold it, give a partially smart answer. You know what I mean.
  • Any skill, talent or achievement that is not related to your work should not be brought up in the office. Your electro dance moves might entertain others at a corporate party. It won’t entertain you while asking for a raise or promotion. Moreover, it will put off those who don’t acquire any such talent.
  • Speaking of your skills, never ever boast about them. Rather put them at use in helping others. Go one step further and teach them to your colleagues, in case they are willing to. Make sure all such help is provided privately. Chances are that these people will eventually become your brand ambassadors.
  • Always be there to help others but do not directly ask for an opportunity. “I do not have anything to do. Is there anything I can help you with?” will definitely portray you as a jobless person.
  • Never ever run behind credit. Even if you deserve it, let it come to you naturally. Trust me on this. Your capabilities will definitely take you to the top in the due course. Those who are always looking for ways to grab recognition might win the hearts of their bosses (Refer to point no. 1) but they fail in the long run. Feeding on achievements of others becomes their habit and at some point of time, they run out of it.

Think you have some more points to add? Please share in the comments section below.


Points to remember while deciding budget for Social Media Marketing

Working in a digital media agency and while pitching to the clients for social media marketing, the first and foremost question that most Indian brands put is ‘How much does social media marketing cost?’

With businesses preparing their marketing budgets for the New Year, these points will definitely help you in allocating the funds towards social media marketing in 2016.

Remember the world has become heavily dependent upon social media, it has become the modern day word-of-mouth and your business can afford to cut down on it.

The pricing for social media marketing has no ends. It can be as low as 10,000 to as high as crores. It solely depends upon the following things that you need to remember while allocating your budgets.

  1. Your overall marketing budget.


Today, more consumers are choosing to follow and engage with their favorite brand on social media, thus making it an important source from where brands can deepen the relationship with their fans and build loyalty with their customers. People want to know about products, ask for service request or even buy directly from these mediums. Therefore opening an opportunity for a business to convert the audience into users.

When creating a marketing budget, remember to include knowing where your traffic is coming from, the medium, the demographics of your targeted audience, the pattern in which they interact with your business, the type of content they like and share from your brand and how frequently they want to be marketed to.

This will help you in determining the amount of budget you should allocate towards social media marketing of your business.

  1. Is it possible to reduce other marketing expenses?

Analyze which is performing better, social media marketing or traditional forms of advertising. If you find that traditional mediums are not giving results you were expecting, then shift your funds towards enhancing your social media marketing strategy.

  1. Scope of social media advertising in your budget.


In order to get exposure, most the social media platforms have made it necessary for businesses to now pay for advertising.

Therefore, when asking an agency, how much does social media marketing cost, be sure to speak with them about the media spends or a package that includes paid social media advertising as well.

Partnering with the right social media advertising agency can give you good results in affordable budgets.

Remember that even your competition is using the same medium to reach your audience, be prompt and active in engaging your audience with your content.

  1. The cost you’ll incur by not being on social media.

These days your audience expects to find your business on social media and also at all those places where they research about you.

By not being present on these platforms, you are losing a huge opportunity to connect with your customers and build brand loyals.

So, if you are not active on these platforms you are losing credibility. You are missing on becoming a part of your customer’s life.

By keeping your fans engaged on these platforms create the recall that most brands invests huge budgets for.

Social media marketing is a long term relationship building process and not a tactic to sell your product/services. Selling comes on later stage, but before that you need to build trust among your consumers.

Thus, while thinking about the budgets you need to put on social media marketing, do think about the opportunities and the cost that you’ll incur if not present on these platforms.

Remember, each stage of social media advertising cost different from others. Think about the objective and the goals you want to achieve at each stage of social media advertising and invest accordingly.

The objective could be to increase likes/followers at the initial stage and engagement at the latter.

You can get 50 k likes in 1 day or 1 month, it solely depends upon the money invested and the targeting done.

Therefore, while putting a budget in place, make a plan of what your objective is and what you want to achieve from social media marketing.