Listerine’s way of helping blind ‘feel a smile’: A campaign that will surely bring a smile on your face.

Listerine’s attention grabbing ad is an app that helps blind people know when someone is smiling at them. This is supported by an emotional film showing blind people using the app and their reactions to feeling the power of a smile.

The app uses facial recognition technology to help blind and partially sighted people know when someone is smiling at them. It can detect a smile up to 5 metres away and notifies the user with audio (a beep) or with vibration feedback.

This heartwarming film is called Feel Every Smile which stars four blind people and is directed by Lucy Walker.

Feel Every Smile also includes an original track composed especially for the film by Wake the Town.

The activity builds on previous experiments with online video. The brand previously developed a YouTube series on the back of the rising popularity of make-up tutorials, showing how certain colours of lipstick could make your teeth look whiter.

For this latest wave, Listerine plans to invest heavily in Facebook over other social channels in order to reach more eyeballs.

This campaign beautifully fulfills the objective of creating virality, increasing word of mouth and thereby increasing brand awareness.

Also the strategy of promoting a brand app via emotional video is a well drafted one, which helped in increasing sharebility across platforms.

Watch video here: