Listerine’s way of helping blind ‘feel a smile’: A campaign that will surely bring a smile on your face.

Listerine’s attention grabbing ad is an app that helps blind people know when someone is smiling at them. This is supported by an emotional film showing blind people using the app and their reactions to feeling the power of a smile.

The app uses facial recognition technology to help blind and partially sighted people know when someone is smiling at them. It can detect a smile up to 5 metres away and notifies the user with audio (a beep) or with vibration feedback.

This heartwarming film is called Feel Every Smile which stars four blind people and is directed by Lucy Walker.

Feel Every Smile also includes an original track composed especially for the film by Wake the Town.

The activity builds on previous experiments with online video. The brand previously developed a YouTube series on the back of the rising popularity of make-up tutorials, showing how certain colours of lipstick could make your teeth look whiter.

For this latest wave, Listerine plans to invest heavily in Facebook over other social channels in order to reach more eyeballs.

This campaign beautifully fulfills the objective of creating virality, increasing word of mouth and thereby increasing brand awareness.

Also the strategy of promoting a brand app via emotional video is a well drafted one, which helped in increasing sharebility across platforms.

Watch video here:


76% shoppers look for product information on the Internet

A new study shows that how an Indian shopper is changing with increased choices, higher disposable incomes and increased choices.

This new shopper is a kind of person who is

  • Happy to share personal information with retailers for benefits.
  • A person who is actively looking for information related to products and services.

And all this has become possible because of the development in Mobile devices and Internet connection, with the building competition e-tailers are trying to deliver a more sophisticated experience, enabling new ways for leading retailers to reach their audience.

Providing this flexible and seamless shopping experience has become possible due to Omni- Channel retailing i.e. Integrating and aligning channels – stores, e-stores, mobile apps and social media.

Stats and inforgraphics 1

Of the total responses collected, 96 percent of shoppers look out for product information before actual purchase and 76 percent of them look out for this information over the Internet.

Also, it has been seen that young shoppers use the Internet for product research and older shoppers visit the malls and high street shopping destinations to look for product information.

According to the Omni Channel Shoppers Study, young shoppers are willing to give personal info in return for rewards and incentives, while older shoppers look forward to invites to exclusive events and previews.

Noticing the players in this market these days, their focus is on expanding the channels either by opening a retail store, tying up with Kirana stores or by starting new online channels.

For example:

  • Flipkart has launched 20 stores in 10 cities to let its customers collect the items they ordered online at their convenience, mimicking similar moves from Inc in the US.
  • FashionAndYou has opened three distribution hubs in Surat, Mumbai and Bengaluru to accelerate deliveries.
  • Also Landmark, Reliance Retail and Tata Group’s Infiniti Retail and the Aditya Birla Group are all aggressively starting new online channels, and integrating their physical stores to take advantage of changing customer behaviour.